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Three stars in the shape of a pyramid

Pyramid City.
A distinctive art installation
in the American desert.

Help bring it to life & be part of the installation.

Etch your chosen name onto a pyramid.

Pyramid City is an ambitious reimagination of the end-of-life experience. Part memorial, part art installation, our hope is to create a meaningful destination in the tradition of Storm King, the Roden Crater, and Naoshima.

It will be a space where people can go to breathe, think, create, and reflect. A place where art and the landscape can converge. The 2,500 pyramids will transport visitors to a timeless other world, with prehistoric geological formations, endless sky, and undulating geometric sculptures.

Each pyramid will be etched with names chosen by our patrons, offering a completely unique way in which to memorialize loved ones.

The Pyramids

These are our initial concepts for the pyramids. Project backers will help evolve and develop the final designs.

Become a Patron for just $99

Your patronage is fully-refundable and yours to resell.

What You Get


Your chosen name etched on a pyramid
When the memorial options are finalized, you will get first choice of the limited supply of pyramids both in style and location.


Behind-the-scenes access
You will receive exclusive updates on the process as designs are finalized, construction begins, and Pyramid City comes to life.


The ability to shape the outcome
You won’t just follow along. You will help shape the outcome. Initial supporters will be included in the decision making process for choosing the final location, architect partners, and designs.

Who is behind this?

We are a small group of product designers and engineers who until recently hadn’t given much consideration to the end-of-life experience or the inadequacy of the current options for the world of today. We spent the last year surrounded by death, but living in relative isolation. This isolation has robbed many of us of the traditional balms for loss. We were denied the shared catharsis of an in-person funeral service or the closure of an in-person goodbye. It did not feel good. Alone with our thoughts, we directed our energies towards reconsidering the entire memorial process from the ground up.

The journey so far.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve made some great progress to date. So far we have:


Pyramid Concepts
We worked with an engineer to design and model out the pricing of the initial pyramid concepts.


Memorial Location
We’ve identified a handful of beautiful, accessible locations that will be the final home of the pyramids. The final location will be chosen with help from the community.


Architecture & Construction Partners
We have a shortlist of architecture and construction partners to help us bring the vision safely to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What name can I etch onto the pyramid?
Whatever name you like. If you like seeing your own name, you can add that. If you’d rather memorialize someone you love who has passed, that works too. It can even be a beloved pet who is no longer with you.

Can I sell my patronage to someone else?
Yes. We expect that as construction moves along, interest in Pyramid City will increase a great deal. If you find that you’d rather sell your spot rather than choose the name you want etched on the pyramid, you can do so at whatever price you deem fit.

Why pyramids?
Pyramids are strong and grounded while they reach up toward something bigger. The powerful geometric form that can withstand the elements and feel timeless - both visually and physically.

Traditional cemeteries make use of repeating patterns that gravestones can create on a landscape, like you’d see at a traditional cemetery such as the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery. This kind of undulating repetition has both a beauty and a meditative solidarity that is especially conducive to a memorial visit.

The pyramid shape felt like it could create a similarly immersive experience while coming from a broad enough history to be appealing to many kinds of people as a possible memorial location.

Why only 2,500?
Pyramid City is just one idea for reimagining the cemetery experience. We’re interested in other people bringing to life their own visions for distinctive memorials, each with its own personality, appearance, and approach. The future is (hopefully) one where memorials are as varied and unique as people are.

Can I put something in the pyramid?
Yes. Many of the pyramids will be built to hold sustainable, cremated remains or a small object / symbol of remembrance.

Can I bury a coffin or an un-cremated body in my pyramid?

I love this and want to be a part of it, but just not yet.
No worries at all. This presale is just our initial offering. We’ll be back. If you want to keep up to date, follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list.